Twin State Sand & Gravel products are great for homeowners who have small projects around the house.

At our main office on Elm Street in West Lebanon, NH, homeowners can purchase small and large quantities of stone, sand, gravel, and ledge products for a wide variety of uses. They can include base material for walls and walkways, or gravel and recycled asphalt products for fixing driveways.

And if transporting the product is an issue, we can always deliver bulk quantities to you doorstep and help you find a contractor.

Here are some common questions we get from homeowners:

Q – What’s the best way to figure out which material to use at my house?
A – Call our knowledgeable staff at (603) 298-8705 for helpful suggestions.

Q – My driveway is starting to erode and the grass is growing in from the sides. Will I need to excavate some before putting new gravel on? Which material should we use?
A – Excavation might not be needed. Instead, weed killer and additional material to match your existing driveway surface is a quick and simple solution, but this depends on the extent of the problem.

Q – The water drips off my roof and splashes mud on the side of my house. Can I put something there to prevent that?
A – We recommend a 3/4 inch stone, ledge or gravel, depending on the look you want.

Q – I have a brick walkway and my contractor said I should fill in the spaces between the bricks with sand. Can you recommend the right product for that?
A – We have a variety of materials that will work well, and we can match it to the type of paver you are using.

Q – Do you have bags of material?
A – No, we sell in bulk, but you are welcome to bag it yourself, and save a bundle!

Q – I’m not sure if I can carry the amount of stone I need in my car, or if I should have it delivered. Do you deliver?
A – We have a fleet of trucks available for deliveries; call (603) 298-8705 to get pricing and scheduling information.

Q – I have a small pick-up truck. Can you load my truck and how much can I carry?
A – Our skilled loader operators can load any size truck or trailer. In general, a small size pickup truck can carry a ? ton and a full size pickup can carry ? of a ton. Please refer to your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s load limit.

Q – I’m going to buy a small storage shed for my yard. Can you recommend how I should prep the area where I’m going to put it?
A – This depends so much on the type of sub-soil in your area. Clay soils require much more work than gravel type soils. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you on making the right choices.

Q – Do you work on septic systems?
A – No, but we work with most of the area’s contractors, and can steer you in the right direction.

Q – I’m doing some landscaping around the house and was wondering if you have products that could be used in part of it?
A – We have a large variety of products that can enhance the look of any home.

Q – Do you have someone on staff on the weekend that can help me choose the right product?
A – Yes, we’re open from 7 AM to Noon on Saturdays during the summer months. Our staff is available to help select the best products for your project.

Not sure which products are right for your project? Give us a call or e-mail and we’ll help you decide which product is appropriate. Also, see gravel materials and ledge materials for pictures of our products and their general uses.

Things to Think About when Picking up Material at our Facilities:

  • All materials are sold by the ton and are weighed at our certified weigh scale.
  • You will have to weigh in before picking up your material.
  • When pulling onto our scale, please note the scale traffic is one way.
  • If buying a very small quantity of material, there is a nominal minimum charge.
  • If you are going to be loading the material yourself, you will be required to wear a hard hat and safety vest while outside your vehicle (MSHA regulations). We have hardhats, safety vests, & shovels available.
  • If you are being loaded by one of our qualified loader operators, you must remain inside your vehicle at all times.
  • Please follow and obey all signs. Thank you for your cooperation!

Things to Think About when Ordering a Delivery:

  • We have two sizes of trucks available for deliveries, tri-axles and 6 wheelers. A tri-axle truck can carry up to 22 tons in New Hampshire and 20 tons in Vermont. A 10 wheeler can carry up to 10 tons.
  • We can’t deliver less than 1 ton of material.
  • Tri-axle deliveries are typically scheduled during the week and 6 wheeler deliveries are scheduled for Saturdays (during our summer hours of operation).
  • Our skilled truck drivers can dump the material anywhere that you want them to, except anywhere that has overhead power lines or tree branches, a location that requires driving across a septic system, or anywhere that a large dump truck can’t fit into.
  • It is up to our driver at the time of delivery whether or not they can dump where you want them to.
  • If the truck has to drive off of your main driveway and they get stuck, you will be held liable for the towing charges.
  • You must be present at the time of delivery. We will call you the day of your scheduled delivery before we send the truck. We will try our best to reach you, but if we can’t, we will not dispatch the truck.
  • Also, please check that the material is what you want before the driver dumps it on the ground.? Thank you for your cooperation!